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Geometric Deep Learning

Warm-up: Network analysis with Python

From data to network analysis with Python

Machine learning dismantling and early-warning signals of disintegration in complex systems

From physics to engineering, biology and social science, natural and artificial systems are characterized by interconnected topologies whose features – e.g., heterogeneous connectivity, mesoscale organization, hierarchy – affect their robustness to …

mGNN: Generalizing the Graph Neural Networks to the Multilayer Case

Networks are a powerful tool to model complex systems, and the definition of many Graph Neural Networks (GNN), Deep Learning algorithms that can handle networks, has opened a new way to approach many real-world problems that would be hardly or even …

wsGAT: Weighted and Signed Graph Attention Networks for Link Prediction

Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) have been widely used to learn representations on graphs and tackle many real-world problems from a wide range of domains. In this paper we propose wsGAT, an extension of the Graph Attention Network (GAT) layers, meant to …